KC Green Infrastructure

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What is green infrastructure?

Green infrastructure helps our community manage stormwater the way nature intended by capturing and utilizing rainwater where it falls. It decreases the amount of water getting into our pipes, improves water quality, and reduces flooding, pollution, and trash in our streams, rivers, and lakes.

How does it work?

Green infrastructure slows, absorbs, and filters stormwater before it enters and overflows Kansas City’s sewer system. It replenishes groundwater and sustains plants, trees, and natural habitats while working with gray infrastructure to increase the capacity of our underground pipes.  It also helps to filter pollutants from rainwater runoff before it is discharged into our streams and rivers.

What are the benefits?

Green infrastructure is a long-term solution that looks beautiful above ground and works wonders below. It enhances our neighborhoods and parks, protects our environment, and when properly maintained, deters blight.

What does green infrastructure look like?

Green infrastructure can take many forms, depending on its location. These installations can be as large as a community park or as small as a rain barrel.

What about cost?

Every gallon of rainwater that green infrastructure keeps out of our combined sewer system leads to long-term savings on rising utility costs.

What about maintenance?

Just like a garden or lawn, green infrastructure requires regular upkeep to keep it working and looking beautiful. With proper maintenance, green infrastructure grows and gets stronger over time. Maintenance can be performed by multiple groups, including city crews, contractors, and partner organizations.

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